Flodmans El & Energi can offer a number of services including these.

But do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other requests – nothing is if possible!

Wind Training

Training for those who wish to service your machines themselves or want to train their own staff or just want to perform a visual (between services) between servicerna on your machines.


For those of you who want a third party inspection of the era machine or assist in the inspection of lifts and pressure vessels.
I can also help with a damage inspection of misfortune been reached.

Electrical installations

Possess general competence and perform electrical installations and repairs within the Industrial and Residential.

Safety and health coordinators

For example, a third party that performs Bas-P and Bas-U at major repairs.

Repair of turbines

I will repair wind turbines even major repairs, such as stock exchanges generators and gearboxes as well as repair of kröjplattor and kröjsystem.